Parking Saba Vinohrady Hospital - Prague

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Šrobárova 1150/50 10034 Praha 10 Česká republika CZ , Prague


24 Hours / 7 days


Maximum height allowed: 0 meters


This car park is located in the University Hospital Vinohrady with the intention of offering comfort to patients and hospital visitors. The car park is operated 24/7 and the first 30 minutes are free. The car park is not guarded.


    Working days: 8:00 - 15:00

    • The first 30 minutes free, within 60 minutes 40 CZK.
    • Every other half hour started 30 CZK.

    Business days 15:00 - 8:00 and weekends

    • The first 30 minutes free, within 60 minutes 20 CZK.
    • Every other half hour started 15 CZK.
    • Holders of the ZTPP card free of charge / within 24 hours.
    • Hospitalized patients 300 CZK / day is a condition of hospitalization.

    For patients and visits are intended entrances No. 2 (from Šrobárova street) and No. 4 (from Ruská street).

    Entrances No. 2 and 4 are open non-stop - both entrances have a lane reserved for ambulances, other cars are forbidden by these lanes.

    When using the ambulance cars with another vehicle, a flat rate of 500 CZK is set for the trip.

    The passage of vehicles through the areal is not permitted.

Operation of the load system

    The driver will pick up the entrance ticket from the rack - the barrier opens.

    The stay is free of charge within 30 minutes.

    The stay of a vehicle over 30 minutes is charged.

    The driver pays the price in the automatic cash register.

    When payment is made in an automated cash register, the entrance ticket is first inserted into the respective hole, the price is announced by the driver, the price is paid by the driver, the ticket is returned to the exit permit (10 minutes from the payment).

    On the exit the barrier opens after the automatic check of the vehicle registration plate, when it is unreadable after insertion of the entrance ticket (valid for the exit) into the exit stand.

Vehicles transporting physically handicapped persons with ZTP parameters - ZTP / P:

    Change of parking period FREE of charge for ZTP, ZTP / P card holders. The parking time in the FNKV area for drivers of vehicles carrying a person holding a ZTP or ZTP / P is limited to 24 hours! Subsequent longer parking times of 1440 min / day (24 hours) are paid at the automatic cash register on departure by the holder of the ZTP or ZTP / P parking card according to the price list of the regular hospital visitors. This also applies to the holder of the ZTP or ZTP / P card which the vehicle itself controls.

    For the driver of the vehicle, a validator is placed in the area (see plan) in which the entry ticket is entered after the entry, validation of the required data and validation of the valid parking card is validated for departure (valid until 15 minutes from validation)

    Validator Operating Instructions:

    • Insert a parking card into hole 1.
    • Enter the six digit number from the valid European parking card on the keypad.
    • Taste the keyboard with a cross #.
    • Insert a valid European parking card into slot 2 and wait for the on-screen instructions.

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