Parkovisko Saba NUDCH Kramáre - Bratislava

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Limbová ulica č. 1 831 01, Bratislava




Maximum height allowed: 0 meters


The Kramare Children Hospital is a governmental medical institution that cares for patients with all types of diseases. This car park is very convenient for those who visit the hospital and need a safe and comfortable place to leave their car. We have 93 parking spaces available. The facilities in this car park make sure that service is uninterrupted throughout, while also monitored by a high quality CCTV system.

Tariffs 2019 - Short term parkers

    Base rate

    • 2,00€ per 1 hour


    • Daily maximum - 10€
    • Parking ticket loss - 35€

    * If the parking ticket is lost, the automatic cash desk will issue a substitute parking ticket.

    * Leave the car park within 15 minutes after paying the parking fee.

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